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Wisdom Dental Clinic is unique for it not only provides medical services but also offers its patient sightseeing opportunities. We know the top three concerns of the patient are:

  • Who can help me to keep the health of my teeth?
  • Which dental clinic can relief my anxiety over pain and bacterial infection?
  • Which dental clinic can provide quality and fast services as my time is very valuable?

Wisdom Dental Clinic is ready to address all your concerns! With 33 years of clinical experience and sophisticated equipment, Wisdom can provide its patients with high-quality and satisfying services. We adopt the root canal treatment, along with the waterlase, which ensures clinical effect after one-time root canal therapy as well as the duration of dentures as the teeth after root canal treatment retain the original pericementum. Therefore, the combination of root canal treatment and artificial tooth root (the use of bar to connect artificial implants) can make "full mouth rehabilitation in one day" come true.


Clinic characteristics

  • Thirty years of professional waterlase, doctor team and nurse team
  • USA FDA and the EU's highest standard equipment disinfection equipment
  • Flagship version of the water laser, diode laser
  • 3D digital dental prosthesis fabrication center and certified dental technician
  • 3D tomography, X-ray image comprehensive E
  • Professional and strict infection control
  • Professional and meticulous treatment
  • Professional treatment clean room
  • Private room, Pediatric treatment room
  • Professional medical audio-visual room
  • Attention service quality, customer satisfaction
Clinic characteristics

Treatment Programs

Medical Team

Wisdent Digital Dental Prosthesis Fabrication Center

Germany Advanced Equipment

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