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Endodontics (Root canal treatment)

Dental clinic with a flagship version of the water laser, complete removal of bacteria within the root canal, a shortened treatment time.

Who Endodontics?

"Endodontics" is generally we mistaken for years of pumping nerve. Many people often use root canal therapy with the "pumping nerve" equate, in fact not exactly the same, because the pulp is not only only nerve only, as well as blood vessels and other tissues, and complete root canal therapy is not just The nerve removed, but also the root canal debridement, expansion, filling and other complex steps. In fact, the extraction of nerve and point of medicine is only part of the root canal therapy, complete treatment, including :

  • Remove the inflamed pulp tissue
  • Root canal enlargement and root canal irrigation
  • Root canal sealed
  • Into the dental pile, and the production of false teeth crown protection and restore the shape and function of the teeth

The purpose of treatment:

Remove the necrotic pulp, the root canal clean, the root canal filling the bacteria can not breed and save precious natural teeth. In the era of underdeveloped dentistry, pulp inflammation of the teeth can only be the fate of tooth extraction. After the development of root canal therapy techniques, dental pulp necrosis of the teeth, there are still opportunities to save.

The use of water laser root canal treatment advantages:

Wisdent with a flagship version of the water laser, if the tip of the tooth there is a strong recommendation with the water to treat the side of the root canal and root canal, the scope of the scope of sterilization can be completely removed the root canal bacteria, shorten the course of time , And even in a time to complete the treatment of treatment, to avoid secondary infection.